Areas of expertise

Business strategy and planning

o Developing business strategies
o Goal definition; measures of success
o Business planning

Building winning organisations

o Designing organisations that will succeed
o Clear roles and responsibilities for everyone
o Staffing organisations with the right people
o Linking personal objectives linked to business strategy
o Identifying, developing and selecting leaders and mentoring talent

Transforming organisations

o start ups
o business expansion
o downsizing and restructuring
o acquisitions, integrations and mergers
o outsourcing activities to third parties
o offshoring processing to low cost locations

Making Change Happen

o Defining and implementing change programmes
o Project management
o Performance management processes

Business and Financial Management

o Business reviews
o Financial management, cash flow, budgeting, reporting
o Performance improvement
o Cost reduction programmes
o Profitability analyses
o Management information systems
o Value based management

Problem solving

o Business situation and problem analysis
o Issue and risk assessments
o Defining and implementing practical, workable and robust solutions

Coaching and mentoring

o Coaching CEOS, Controllers, CFOs, Finance Directors