Martin Smith Associates

Like many other business advisers, Martin Smith is well qualified. But unlike many other business advisers, he has spent many years operating in the commercial world and knows the pressures and challenges facing business leaders today.

Martin, a Chartered Accountant and graduate in Mathematics and Economics, has worked with businesses of all sizes in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. He has operated as Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer in the blue chip corporate world and worked with many major consultancy firms. He has represented organisations to investors, employment bodies and regulators. More recently, Martin's attentions have been focused on small business, either running his own company or advising other Chief Executives. However, it is the combination of all this knowledge and experience that gives Martin the confidence to assist other companies who may need a listening ear and a proactive approach.

" As a results orientated, energetic leader and trusted adviser, Martin is ready to help your business realise its potential.

Business Philosophy

Whether a business is large or a small the need to manage it properly is the same - it's just how it is done that differs

It is often claimed that businesses fail for financial reasons. But financial problems are normally the symptoms of business failure not the root cause. If the foundations of your business have not been properly laid through inexperience or poor decision making, this can have a fundamental effect on the success and future growth of your company.

Well run companies manage their businesses and demonstrate:
o Strong leadership - leaders who work out how to be successful then get on and do it.
o Strong leadership skills - have the appropriate management skills in place to transform ideas into reality and to execute plans effectively.
o Having the right people in the right jobs so that every team member has the skills or potential to do their job, and it is clear what is expected of them.
o Use the best manpower by careful allocation of staff, advisers or by outsourcing activities to qualified and experienced third parties.
o A clear business strategy, built around the business activities that create the most value, with clear goals, and supported by a business plan that drives organisational behaviour.
o Effective management of business performance supported by insightful management information and implementing a test and measure process so they know what is and isn't working.

Things change in business - as issues arise well run companies can be managed to prevent them from becoming problems.

Let us can help you implement the changes necessary so you can manage your business more effectively.